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YOUNG DRIVER™ has been at the leading edge of driver training for nearly ten years.

Our unique concept that early tuition on private land makes better drivers is a widely acclaimed road safety revolution and we’ve taught 600,000 kids between 10 and 17 lessons on car craft and the rules of the road. But we’re also very aware how expensive and difficult it can be for newly qualified drivers to afford insurance and modern cars with up-to-date safety features and that’s why we’ve brought together a unique team of insurance experts and new car suppliers to keep prices manageable.

Our fixed price novice driver insurance and car leasing deal takes away the days of hassle shopping around for insurance and used cars and will get new drivers on the road in a brand-new car, fully insured, in just a few clicks. We believe our unique deal is the end of insane young driver insurance premiums and will help create a new generation of safer drivers. Our hi-tech telematics will help drivers learn what areas they need to improve as they drive and we’ll supply bespoke lessons with our Drive Doctors to burnish up novice driver skills. We want all young drivers to join our Elite Driver Programme and become the best of the best. When it comes to new drivers, Young Driver is the market leader.

We believe that kids who learn road safety early make good future drivers. Our special insurance deals reward positive attitude, effort and hard work behind the wheel while learning.

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