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“Received my 17 year old sons Driving Test Revision Pack today and along with the insurance quotation received, due to your referral to the guys at iKube Insurance, it is simply fantastic. Miles cheaper than anyone else we have contacted and in terms of like-for-like protection it simply blows anything else out the water, so we will be definitely going with them.

The guy who called me back, Tim Hoskins was such a gentleman! He took the time to explain why it was going to be slightly higher than he could normally quote, due to my son having a higher group class of car, but was still able to offer suitable cover for it that included legal expense cover and significant Motor Prosecution Defense Costs. Setting up the direct debit over the phone to pay by easy monthly installments couldn’t have been easier and incredibly my son starts earning his own no-claims bonus before he even passes his test, that will in turn save me even more money next year.

So all said and done, with the GPS tracking device, rescue and roadside recovery breakdown and third party injury claim compensation we are very impressed, total peace of mind with this package that’s for sure. I would recommend it to anyone.”

David M, Warwickshire
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