Young Driver insurance solutions thanks to iKube from £95 per month

Young Driver On the Road has chosen to partner with iKube. IKube were early pioneers of telematics (black box) based insurance and their partnership with RAC underpins their continuing desire to ensure young drivers learn to drive safe and arrive safe. That’s great news for parents too.

IKube telematics policies use the latest RAC Advance technology, paired to an RAC app, to share behavioural data with young drivers, their insurers and others they elect via an online dashboard, mobile phone or other mobile device. This technology helps ensure that young drivers learn the right driving behaviours and creates a platform for attracting lower ongoing insurance, better driving experiences and reduced car maintenance and running costs.

In addition to great RAC technology, iKube covers your required mileage whether linked to a car lease or other arrangement, don’t restrict night time driving with Young Driver’s related tuition, and don’t put insurance up on completion of the practical driving test, providing no other personal circumstances have changed. Having proven yourself a safe and responsible driver with Young Driver, why would they?

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