Young Driver On the Road offers affordable fixed price insurance to novice drivers who have had multiple lessons with Young Driver™

Research shows that youngsters who have had driving lessons pre-17 make better drivers.

Young Driver On the Road has been established to offer discounted insurance to young people who have had multiple driving lessons with YOUNG DRIVER™.

We have two ground-breaking offers - car insurance on its own, and a car lease and insurance deal.

Insurance for 17 to 24s from £95 per month

Insurance and car lease package for 17 to 24s from £270 per month

At Young Driver On the Road we believe that kids who learn road safety early make good future drivers. Our special insurance deals reward positive attitude, effort and hard work behind the wheel while learning.

And if you haven't had lessons wth YOUNG DRIVER™ we can still insure you through our insurance partner iKube.

This is the end of insane insurance quotes for novice drivers

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